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Our Case Studies

Investment Banking Sector

SecQuest were engaged by an Investment Bank to perform a technical security assessment from the guise of a disgruntled employee. The bank’s Internal Audit Team required assurance that technical controls were operating effectively, and managing the risk of a cyber attack by internal personnel, with ‘insider knowledge’ of the bank.

Financial Services Sector

SecQuest were engaged by a global financial management company, who had concerns that their cyber security controls could permit unauthorised access to client and company data. The Board were also unsure if the physical security controls, managing third-party access to meeting rooms, effectively protected access to their IT infrastructure.

Oil & Gas Sector

An international oil exploration company selected SecQuest to execute testing against their wide-area satellite and TETRA radio networks; as they had just completed upgrades of hardware and the Board were concerned that any compromise of these networks could have a direct impact on their brand, revenue and exploration / extraction sites.

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